Alternative Nursing Careers

While it is common for nursing graduates to begin their careers inside the hospital, there are plenty of other job opportunities for you to pursue. After all, the field of nursing is more diverse than ever. By earning your BSN through our ABSN program, you can practice the profession by land, air or sea in as few as 16 months. Consider these five alternative nursing careers outside the hospital.

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1. Camp Nurse

If you enjoy being in the great outdoors, consider becoming a camp nurse. These caregivers must possess an array of clinical skills and knowledge. Their duties range from creating a health center at a campsite to planning for virus outbreaks to treating wounds.

2. Flight Nurse

If you work well under intense pressure, consider becoming a flight nurse. Working alongside paramedics and other medical professionals, these nurses care for critically ill or injured patients in transit to a trauma center by aircraft.

3. Cruise Ship Nurse

If you like being on open water, consider taking to the high seas as a cruise ship nurse. These nurses provide all types of patient care, from basic first aid to the treatment of seasickness. And when faced with a critical care situation, such as cardiac arrest, these nurses must stabilize their patients for transfer to the nearest health care facility on land.

4. Forensic Nurse

If you have an investigative mindset, consider becoming a forensic nurse. These nurses work as part of the criminal justice system. Along with caring for victims of sexual abuse, violence and assault, they gather evidence and testify on behalf of their patients in court. Often, these nurses are the liaisons between their patients and law enforcement.

5. Military Nurse

If you want to serve our country, you can do so as a military nurse. Whether working on an Army base or Naval ship, these nurses set up triage, treat wounds, administer medications and care for military personnel worldwide.

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