Accelerated BSN Clinical Placements

As an ABSN student, you will complete various clinical placements that allow you to gain practical experience caring for patients across the health care continuum. At PLU, you start clinicals in the first semester, and we arrange your clinical placements.

Your accelerated nursing clinicals take place in respected health care facilities, from hospitals to nursing homes to outpatient clinics, in and around Seattle. The areas of nursing practice you can expect to cover include:

  • Adult health
  • Women and children
  • Mental health
  • Critical care
  • Community health
PLU nursing students talking in simulation lab

Clinicals are where you and your classmates perform tasks a nurse typically would in a given situation. While there are some tasks you cannot do as a student, we expect you to approach every clinical as if you were a nurse on duty. You can expect a student-instructor ratio of 8:1 for each of your rotations.

In the fourth and final semester of the program, you will work one-on-one with a preceptor in a specific practice area. You will work the same shifts as your preceptor and take an active, if not primary, role in patient care. By the time you graduate from our ABSN program, you will have gained 546 hours of real-world experience.

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ABSN instructor speaking to nursing students in lab

For More Information

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